Published time: 27 ,June ,2020      19:35:28
What is it that they did during the period of slavery that they are not doing now?! Humans were in slaved, made to work, and they gave him as little as he needed, and confiscated his energy for their own benefit.
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They have created social determinism and call it freedom! And built one-way path and claim that people are free!
Today, the capitalist system plans for six billion people from birth; They determine how the baby is born; How to grow up without motherly affection; How Parents Work; How to get a job and then decide how to put it all in the service of a larger global system; The result is the development of capitalism, which is in the service of those in power and are in minority.
When the management becomes arrogant in its relationship, it enjoys its arrogance and humiliation of others. Therefore, neither psychological nor social security is created. This leads to the loss of trust between people and the government even among themselves. Because trust is found in the shadows of love.

So how is global security created?!

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