Shiite societies
According to a literal meaning, the word “shi’ah” means adherent, follower and partisan of a particular course. Then, why the term is specifically applied and used only for the adherents and the followers of Ali and not used generally for the adherents and the followers of the Prophet of Islam; Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?
“Shī’ah” In Mutawātir Sunnī Aḥādīth
In this write up, we are trying to examine the terms "Shiah" in the Prophetic traditions, particularly from the Sunni sources.
Several questions always come to minds every time the word “Shi’a” is mentioned and some of which are: why do Shi’ites call themselves “Shi’a”? Were there Muslims known as “Shī’ah” during the lifetime of the Messenger (Peace be upon him and his family) or is the term only a later invention?